PixelPond Partner Program

Partner Perks

PixelPond Duck
Affiliate Account
Refer your fans with a personalised link and earn money when they sign up for as long as they stay with us.
PixelPond Duck
Server Discount
Partners receive discounted servers based on the number of views your content receives.
PixelPond Duck
Coupon Code
Give your fans a personalised coupon code that they can use to save when they purchase from us.
PixelPond Duck
Custom Landing Page
Top performing partners will receive a personalised page for their referral link.
PixelPond Duck
Early Access
Learn about upcoming features and get a chance to test them early.

Become A Partner

Here at PixelPond, we want to help you and your community grow. We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for partnership!
If you're a a content creator, we want to hear from you!
We have some requirements for who we will partner with. We review each partner request case by case. However, please don't submit a request if you just started and are still unknown. We don't accept server communities as partners. Any requirements that we have can be subject to change.
Along with what we offer, we would also expect you to advertise our services to your audience. This would be done with our media kits and link being added to stream/video descriptions, as well as referrals to our services.
If you have any questions regarding these, join our Discord and make a ticket. Our support team will be happy to help!
To apply, please Contact Us or join our Discord and open a ticket.